Motivation is Bullshit!

Motivation is one of those words that gets thrown around with a high prestige. If there’s one thing I can comfortably say that is a fact it’s that motivation is well…. bullshit. Motivation isn’t going to get me or you to our dreams. 

I’m pretty sure we can all agree that we as humans have great moments when we feel like we’re on top of life and other moments where life is on top of us meaning we’re having a bad day. If you’re anything like me or should I say how I use to be then you may have more bad days than great days.  

I’m at a point in my life where completing daily tasks and meeting self made commitments come easy to me kind of like breathing. There are things that I do that I well just do, without hesitation and second thought. Now part of this is thanks to routines and self discipline but it’s also thanks to dropping the concept of motivation for having a strong why.

Before I decided to make this blog post I asked a few people what they thought of me as an individual. The three main things that kept arising were as follows : “disciplined”, “optimistic” and “integrity”. I was so glad and over joyed to hear this not in a vain way but in a humble way. Those three things are my three deep values I hold those moral objects extremely high in my personality and have worked extremely hard to make them apart of me. Now I’m not here to Bragg or sound like I’m bragging. People tend to think I’ve always been this way when I open up and reveal to people that I was a lazy, pessimistic and uncommitted soul. People don’t believe me and then what to do they ask me “how did you go from that to the person you are now”. In principle it’s simple you have to have a strong why. Meaning you have to have a deep rooted reason for things you do in your life. motivation is fickle and relies to much on emotion and feeling to make things happen.

 Take veganism as an example, going vegan is a lifestyle commitment. This means that you will never intentionally eat meat again, nor will you intentionally drink cows milk ,you’ll have to repeatedly talk about your protein intake to people, tell people that plants don’t feel pain, you may get into confrontational situations that will leave your blood boiling not to mention your likely to make a deep emotional discomfort everytime you see a piece of animal flesh on someone’s plate. Oh and how can I forget having to reread every food label about 10 times just to check for for any animal products. I’m no professional but I’d like to think that nearly every long term Vegan in the world is vegan for a reason that either goes beyond them or for the sake of their health long term . 

Speaking personally if I had relied on motivation to make me a committed long term vegan I wouldn’t have lasted very long. That goes for every achievement in my life, my greatest accomplishments come from doing things because it was important to me as opposed to because I felt like it .Habits get the job done while motivation just takes you on an emotional fake rollercoaster. 

Find a strong why for everything you do and not only will you accomplish more but you’ll have a greater appreciation for everything you do. 

Replace your ” I don’t feel like it” with ” I made a commintment”!


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