Chocolate Bark


I’m a real chocolate addict! I love dark chocolate especially the rich flavour it’s known for. Now correct me if I’m wrong but Vegan chocolate tends to be kinda pricey. You can imagine how stoked I was to be able to make my own that means I can have chocolate whenever I want. On to the recipe that’s what your really interested in….


1/2 a cup of raw organic coconut oil

1/2 cup of cocoa powder

1/4 cup sweetner (optional)

Coconut shreds

Chia seeds


FYI you can pretty much add any toping of choice if I could eat nuts I would add



(First get a tray and lay either foil or parchment paper on top then set aside.)

1. Add the coconut oil to a low (heated pan if the pans too hot it will burn)

2. allow the oil to melt then add the cocoa powder in and mix well you should achieve a typical melted chocolate consistency. 

3. Then add a sweetner If you choose to use it. The mixture may get thick but fear not it’s still use able.

6.Get your pre prepared tray and lay the chocolate out spread it out as thin as you want or thick as you want.

7.add your toppings and press them into the chocolate so that they set together. Sprinkle a bit of sea salt if you like on top

8.then place the tray in a freezer for at least 5hrs just to make sure it sets.

9. Once the mixture is set feel free to break it apart or eat it whole. Enjoy x





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